About Ron Vine and Associates

Ron Vine and Associates is the only firm in the country 100% focused on unleashing the full power and influence of your citizens’ voices in developing and sustaining their Vision for community parks and recreation facilities, programs and services. Core services of Ron Vine and Associates include:

  • Statistically Valid Mail and Web Community Surveys
  • Class-Program-Facility Participant Survey Audits
  • Analysis of Survey Findings for Strategic Plans, Master Plans or On-Going Operations
  • Staff Training in Survey Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Findings
  • Non-Statistical Web Surveys
  • Presentations of survey findings
  • Focus Groups and Stakeholder Interviews

Ron Vine is the founder and President of Ron Vine and Associates. Over the past 30 years, Ron has conducted more than 600 community surveys for Park Districts and City and County Parks and Recreation Departments in 48 states.

Ron is known nationwide for his skills in analyzing survey results into actionable recommendations for park and recreation agencies. He has worked on hundreds of master plans and strategic plans, seamlessly incorporating findings from surveys into system recommendations relating to programming, maintaining and improving existing parks, trails, and facilities, identifying citizen priorities for future services, and developing successful voter packages for sustaining park systems built on the vision of residents.

Ron began his career as a Parks and Recreation professional. He earned a Masters in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of Illinois. Over the next 15 years, he served in several high-level management positions, including being the Director of Parks and Recreation in a city of over 100,000 residents. Ron’s background in both the parks and recreation profession and his work over the past 25 years in directing more parks and recreation surveys than anyone in the country makes him uniquely qualified to work with communities in achieving their citizens preferred future for parks and recreation services.

As we face an era of increased citizen demand for parks and recreation services and the challenges of addressing these demands, the power of effective citizen involvement in parks and recreation planning and decision-making is more important than ever. Ron Vine and Associates was founded to partner with you in “making the opinions of your citizens matter”.