Ron Vine and Associates is committed to training parks and recreation staff in the effective usage of public involvement processes in on-going management operations and strategic planning. Examples of Staff Training Workshops and Consulting Services are listed below. Ron Vine and Associates will work with your agency in developing a staff training program perfect for you.

Staff Training Workshops

The Keys to Meaningful Public Involvement
Using Public Involvement in Developing Strategic Plans
Developing Effective Program-Class-Facility Participant Surveys**

Staff Training Consulting Services

Audit of Public Involvement Processes
Mentoring Services

** Conducted as component of “Class-Program-Facility Participant Surveys Audit”

As a CAPRA Accredited Agency, the effective use of surveys supports our marketing, programming and evaluative criteria for our services. Your system and teaching refine that effectiveness, thank you!
John R. Sefton, Jr., CPRP, Community Services Director
City of Peoria, Arizona