Web Surveys

Web-Surveys are an effective and in-expensive way to gain citizen input on important issues facing your park system. However, they need to be used in the correct manner or the findings from web-surveys can lead you into decision-making that is not representative of the opinions and priorities of your residents.

Ron Vine and Associates offers three (3) types of web-survey services

  • Statistically- Valid Web Community Surveys.
    These web-surveys provide an effective and efficient alternative for resident households who receive a random sampling mail survey to respond to the survey. Included in the cover letter of the mailed survey is a unique 5-digit password to access the web-survey. This ensures that only those who receive the mailed survey can take the web-survey and also ensures that only one response per household is tabulated. In some communities 20% or more of resident households will complete a web-survey. Ron Vine and Associates provides the “Statistically Valid Web Survey” as a methodology on all community survey efforts.
  • Non-Statistically- Valid Community Web Surveys.
    These web-surveys are a highly valuable and effective way to gather input from resident households that do not receive a random sampling mail surveys. Often-times they are administered after the closing date for a community statistically valid survey. Ron Vine and Associates can administer the non-statistical web-survey or assist you in its development, administration, and analysis of results.
  • Class-Program-Facility Participant Surveys Audit.
    Ron Vine and Associates has developed a new and powerful tool to dramatically improve the quality and usefulness of the web-based program, class, and facility participant surveys administered by parks and recreation agencies and to train parks and recreation agency staff in designing, analyzing and using citizen input from in-house surveys.